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Build the reputation your food brand deserves

What makes B2B content in the food industry different?

In a competitive industry like food, building authority, trust and loyalty with your audience requires a well-researched content strategy. However, developing valuable B2B content for food and beverage manufacturers requires expertise and staying on top of the latest food trends.You need a partner who can dig deep into the scientific literature and translate complex issues into compelling narratives. Someone who also has a creative mind that can generate ideas tailored to your brand voice.Don't leave your content creation to improvisation. Partner with an expert who can establish you as an authority in your niche - your business opportunities will multiply when your content reaches its full potential!

Generate connection and trust with your potential customers

Content is a powerful way to engage with your prospects and build connections. It's a true marketing asset when you create the right content with the right message.You're in the food industry selling products to other businesses. You know what's unique about your audience?The people you are trying to do business with have a solid understanding of your product (or at least the problem it solves).This audience does not respond well to slogans or oversimplification. You need to do a great deal of research and dig deep into the market, the product and its application. Then, and only then, can you craft content that truly resonates.If you can offer valuable insights, you'll build trust like a pro. You'll confirm your expertise. And guess what? You'll move that sale forward.

Supercharge your content with killer copywriting

Static descriptions of your products or promotion of your company won't inspire your audience. You need something more.We're talking about crafting content that is irresistible. Content that people can't help but devour. And guess what? Good copywriting is your secret weapon to make your content marketing addictive.And yes, I have a few psychological tricks up my sleeve. Because in the B2B sphere, buyers are also people with emotions!Want to cook up a winning food marketing strategy? Marry copywriting with content marketing. At the end of the day, it's about persuading your prospects to take the leap and make the purchase.

4 top powerful reasons to outsource your B2B content

  1. My knowledge of topics such as food science and technology, nutrition, or food law will help you create valuable content for your audience.

  2. By outsourcing, you free up internal resources and allow your company to focus on what it does best: creating quality products. And who doesn't want that?

  3. When you let me manage your content, I'll keep your audience up to date on the latest industry news and trends. At the same time, you'll get valuable information that will keep you ahead of the competition.

  4. You'll save money on hiring and training an in-house team, which translates into more cost-effective marketing. It's a win-win!

Large marketing agencies have rigid workflows, high operating costs, and "all-purpose" content creators who lack a deep understanding of the industry. Don't settle for that!By hiring my services, you will enjoy personalized and flexible treatment, a competitive price and a specialized niche approach.

Start here to nourish your brand
with quality content

I can help you create web content, white papers, e-books, presentations, LinkedIn content, and more. To give you an idea, here are some of the topics I've covered:

  1. Food safety and specific risks associated with products or raw materials

  2. Ideas for new product development in different market niches

  3. Food trends, disruptive innovations, and industry updates

  4. The state of the science, nutritional information and regulatory affairs

  5. Practical guidelines for ingredient or product use

  6. Case studies on product development

Need inspiration and fresh ideas to grow your business? I will create a content plan that is tailored to your brand.

Look no further.
I've got just the thing for you

  1. Crafted content that cultivates trust and authority within your specific niche.

  2. Unique, innovative content that sets you apart from the competition.

  3. Technical-scientific content backed by a wealth of bibliographic references.

  4. Strategically integrated content that maximizes your communication efforts, enabling you to "do more with less."

  5. High-conversion content designed to drive results.

Still unsure? No worries. I'll give you a taste with a small sample at a reduced price. You can witness the magic yourself. So, what are you waiting for?

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Hi, I'm Maria Molina

B2B Food Marketing

I have a secret to tell you: my professional career is as varied as a restaurant menu.First, I studied Pharmacy. Then, I specialized in Clinical Biochemistry at a prestigious hospital in Madrid for 4 years. But after that, my career took a turn: I ended up right in the food industry world.For more than a decade, I worked as a Sherlock Holmes for the Health Department of the Community of Madrid. I inspected hundreds of food companies to make sure they were complying with health regulations. I broke down their processes and immersed myself in the intricacies of the food industry.As I worked and got to know food companies of all kinds, I became interested in food marketing and industry trends, which led me to study and train in these areas.But 10 years is a long time. And eventually, monotony set in.I felt that I needed new challenges and I was aware that my knowledge gave me a unique advantage that could differentiate me from other food marketing professionals. So I decided to go into business for myself. And you know what? It was the best career decision of my life!Now I can use all my experience to help you create B2B content. Content that inspires trust, builds a solid presence for your brand, and positions you as a leader in your industry.Ready to serve up enticing content that engages your audience?

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5 reasons your B2B content marketing isn’t working and how to fix it

🫵 Frustrated that your content isn't pulling in the leads and sales you'd hoped❓🤔 It's possible you're making one of these 5 mistakes:

🚫 Mistake #1: You're publishing the wrong contentContent is king, but only if it's relevant and valuable to your audience. Using generic and uninspiring content won't cut it in today's competitive landscape.Tip 👉 To truly engage your audience, research their needs, problems, and frequently asked questions. You can do this by analyzing buying habits, competitor research, social media comments, face-to-face interactions, and more.🚫 Mistake #2: Your content is hard to readLarge blocks of overly technical or complex text can be overwhelming for readers. Remember, your goal is to communicate with your customers, not confuse them.Tip 👉 Write in clear and concise language, divide text into sections with subheadings, use short paragraphs, and include lists and spaces for easy reading and scanning.🚫 Mistake #3: You're focusing on selling instead of being usefulDoes every sentence in your copy sound like a sales pitch? Customers quickly recognize commercial content and run away.Tip 👉 Focus on educating and informing your audience with valuable, non-salesy content. Instead of constantly talking about your products or company, share content that dives deeper into a specific topic of interest, case studies, guides, checklists, webinars, etc.🚫 Mistake #4: You're publishing content that is not originalAre you covering the same topics as your competitors without adding anything new? Your readers are not stupid. If your content does not add value, it will be ignored.Tip 👉 Don't be a copycat, be original! Stand out from the competition by filling in information gaps, reviewing trend reports, and sharing industry news. Be sure to cite your sources to build credibility and avoid plagiarism.🚫 Mistake #5: You don't have a consistent content strategyPosting content randomly and without a clear direction confuses your audience. Your prospects won't know what to expect from you and will quickly lose interest.Tip 👉 Consistency is key to building trust and credibility. Develop an annual content plan that includes topics to be covered, formats, and frequency of publication. Prioritize content that will not lose relevance over time.

💪 Don't let your B2B content marketing fall behind❗Put the above tips into practice and watch your online presence grow, attract new customers, and make a greater impact in your industry 🎯.

Discover the secret sauce for a killer B2B marketing strategy

Want to increase brand visibility and customer engagement? Look no further! In today's digital age, content is king and white papers are the crown jewels of B2B marketing.According to the "B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Insights for 2023" report, more than half of marketers who regularly use white papers believe they are effective in building brand awareness and increasing sales. That's a powerful impact!If you haven't yet tested the reach and potential of these pieces of content, here are three powerful reasons why they should be an essential part of your B2B marketing strategy:

✅They position your company as a leader and expert in your industry.
✅ They help your prospects make informed decisions and understand how your product can benefit them.
✅ They demonstrate your commitment to helping your customers solve their problems.

Want to know what makes a quality white paper? These are the three conditions that guarantee you a white paper that lives up to expectations:

📌 Provide valuable, well-researched information.
📌 Be based on facts and data, not opinions.
📌 Provide rigor without losing clarity and appeal.

In the food industry, an important characteristic of white papers is that they must be written by people with specific expertise in certain topics, such as food safety, food technology, nutrition
or food law.
Readers trust that the information in these technical documents, written by experts, is accurate and reliable. That's why your message is so much more persuasive than other formats. But that's not all!White papers also provide a high return on investment (ROI). They serve as the basis for other content, such as blog posts or social media posts. By repurposing the ideas and research from your white paper, you can create a series of valuable content pieces that further extend your brand's reach.In short, if you are looking for a strategy to position yourself as a leader and connect with your customers, the white paper is a winning bet. Count on me to make the most of it!

Don't waste time and money: these are the signs that will protect you from bad content

🚨 Tired of content creators who promise the moon and then fail to deliver? It's time to discover the warning signs that will help you identify unreliable content creators.🚩 These are the red flags you should be paying attention to:

Lack of market research: Beware of creators who don't take the time to understand your audience. How can they deliver results if they don't know who you're targeting and what's relevant to them?Improvised strategy: When a content creator jumps right into writing without planning, it's a clear sign that you're in trouble.Unrealistic delivery promises: Be wary of anyone who guarantees lightning-fast turnaround times. Quality content takes time to develop.Suspiciously low rates: Remember that quality content requires a fair investment. If prices are unusually low, there's probably a reason.

Developing content that engages your audience is not a sprint, it's a marathon! And that's because we need time to:

✅ Delve into consumer and industry research.
✅ Strategize and craft clear, compelling messages.
✅ Write, edit, and polish until we get the best version.
✅ Test content before launch.

Content is one of the most powerful reputation-building weapons available. Done right, it can catapult your brand, drive sales and increase revenue. That's why it's worth the financial and time investment.Want to know how I manage my time on content projects? I personally allocate a minimum of four weeks for content pieces the size of white papers or e-books, and I divide the time up as follows:

📆 1 week to research the market and analyze your brand voice.
📆 1 week to plan and define strategies.
📆 1-2 weeks to write content that effectively communicates your message.
📆 1 week to thoroughly edit and review every detail.

Of course, some steps could be shortened by making a few concessions, but quality is worth the time it takes.When you invest in quality, you reap the rewards of content that differentiates your business and drives its success. Don't settle for mediocre content. Protect your brand's reputation by working with trusted and dedicated B2B content creators. Shall we talk?

Are you realizing the full potential of AI in your content marketing?

🤖 Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we do many things. That includes content marketing and copywriting.It's clear that AI is a very powerful tool, but human skills are needed to complete it.The same thing happens with AI as with calculators. If we use a calculator and enter wrong data, the result will also be wrong. We can use the calculator to do complicated calculations, but first we have to understand the problem and apply our knowledge to enter the data.The same is true when we use AI to create content. If we don't have innovative ideas, creative skills, and deep knowledge to feed the input, the AI will produce mediocre results.Ross Simmonds nails it with this quote: "Give a mediocre writer an AI tool and you’ll get mediocre writing. Give a good writer an AI tool and you’ll get good writing. Give a great writer an AI tool and you just might find a masterpiece (written in half the time)."As you create your copy, keep in mind that any content marketing strategy must be built on three fundamental pillars:

➡️ Your value proposition.
➡️ Your brand positioning.
➡️ Core narratives that permeate all of your content.

Building these pillars requires a deep understanding of your business, your product, your customers, and your market-things that AI does not have access to.With these strategic foundations in place, AI becomes a powerful ally that helps you create differentiated, high-impact content.Want to know three tricks to give your input the best context and generate relevant content with AI? Here they are:

1️⃣ Study your audience's industry, trends, and interests to generate useful and engaging content around your questions.For example, if you are writing for a food manufacturer, they may be interested in new processing techniques, healthy ingredients, or regulatory issues.2️⃣ Ask clear questions and be as specific as possible.For example, instead of asking, "What are the trends in the food industry?", ask, "What are the current trends in the food industry in the soft drink segment?3️⃣ Ask questions that encourage elaborate answers.For example, instead of asking, "What are the benefits of vacuum packaging technology?", ask, "How has vacuum packaging technology developed in recent years and what are its benefits in terms of food quality and safety?

Remember, AI is just a tool. It's not a magic wand that can turn mediocre content into a masterpiece.Spend time clarifying your content marketing strategy before jumping on the AI bandwagon. That way, you'll stand out instead of blend in.


The power of white papers and
e-books to master B2B content marketing

In the fast-paced and competitive world of B2B marketing, success requires a solid strategy. Enter white papers and e-books, two content formats that can help you achieve three key objectives:

1️⃣ Building trust and authority:Establishing trust and authority is critical to attracting new customers. White papers and e-books allow you to showcase your knowledge and expertise. By providing valuable information, you position yourself as a trusted source and reference partner in the industry.2️⃣ Creating long-term business relationships:While attracting new customers is essential, nurturing your existing customer base is just as important. White papers and e-books are a great way to nurture relationships and strengthen customer loyalty.3️⃣ Reflecting your value proposition:White papers and e-books allow you to highlight your unique offerings, industry expertise, and success stories. They reflect your value proposition as a brand, differentiate you from the competition, and capture the attention of prospects and customers.

White papers and e-books are two powerful tools in your B2B marketing arsenal that can elevate your brand and deliver tangible results. But how well do you know the difference? Let's take a look:

📌 White papers: a showcase for your expertiseWant to stand out as an expert in your industry? White papers are the key to showcasing your expertise in all its glory. They allow you to delve deeper into specific topics and provide in-depth analysis, research, and practical solutions.📌 E-books: a comprehensive knowledge hubThis content pieces takes a more open approach than white papers, providing a holistic view of a broader subject. If your goal is to cover a topic with multiple subtopics and reach a broader audience, e-books are your secret weapon.

🎯 Choose the right format and make an impactWhite papers and e-books have proven to be invaluable resources for demonstrating expertise, building trust, and driving business growth in the B2B environment. The trick is choosing the right format that will make a difference in the impact of your content.Ready to give your strategy a boost? Let's work together to make it happen!



B2B Food Marketing

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I know firsthand what it means to build a brand from scratch in a highly competitive environment. All of my content strategies have been previously tested in my own business. Here are some of the materials I have used:

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